Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Happy 2016!
So Excited to be sharing my first post of the new year and boy o boy it's a big one!

Over the holidays while I was pouring over photos of everyone's beautiful Christmas decor on Instagram and blogs my home was in a state of complete disaster. 

My husband and I decided that winter break was the perfect time to replace the flooring in our ENTIRE main floor. He had vacation hours to use, I was off from babysitting for two weeks, and our kids were out of school to help (free labor).

Here are some before shots so you can see all the glorious forms of flooring we were dealing with.


We had light colored carpet in my craft room, dining room and family room. Our kitchen had light/stained vinyl flooring. Our entry hall and half bath were hardwood, and our mudroom had another type of wood laminate. Yep, that's four different types of flooring.

My husband and I looked at several flooring options and finally decided on a hand scraped wood laminate. We ordered it at Best Laminate (it was the same exact flooring carried at a name brand store, but less expensive). 

We worked one area at a time.
-Move out furniture
-remove old flooring and baseboards
-lay new flooring
-move on to next room
etc. etc. etc.

Here are some shots during the process.

 Did I mention the million of staples that had to be removed.

 Yes at one point we had a toilet in our kitchen.

Since the baseboards were off and we had some nice weather they all received a fresh coat of paint.

I have to say that my husband is the hardest worker I know. He worked from early morning to late at night on the floors with myself, my dad or our kids assisting him and sometimes all on his own. He had all the flooring installed in a week which was great because all the dust and chaos was really getting to me.

We are in LOVE with the new floors. 

You may have noticed that I also made some other changes to our house. Some spaces received a new coat of paint and we've added some new furniture as well. I'm hoping to post a more detailed look at each room soon.

Thank you for coming by!



  1. I love your new floors! We desperately need new floors but I'm dreading it. It's nice to see how you tackled yours!


  2. I was not a big believer in wood floors but you might have changed my mind. I was amazed how similar your home looks to mine and we are thinking about new carpeting. After looking at all these before and after pictures I think I am starting to lean towards going with the hard wood floors and killing the carpet idea.

    Jeff Allison @ On The Level Floors

  3. Love your new flooring! I think you are right about your husband! What a guy to do it all in a week! Beautiful!!