Monday, May 12, 2014

Its a "nerd" party!

Last weekend we celebrated my daughter's 11th birthday with a "nerd" party!

She is my baby and reminds me so much of myself. She loves planning and organizing parties down to the smallest detail.

We started by making the invitations from library cards and envelopes I found on ebay.

We transformed our formal dining room into a girls only party room. 

We blocked off the entrance to my office with a plastic tablecloth and then decorated with streamers and paper lanterns. This wall also served as our photo backdrop.

I set up a station for guests to leave special messages for the birthday girl on library cards.

I used iron on transfer paper to make her a special shirt for her party.

We also made fun props for photos.

It's not exactly a bow tie but my daughter thought it was close enough (poor guy)!

At the end of the party we had a small candy bar so all the girls could take a bag home.

Colorful drink station!

You are welcome to save any of the following images to your computer and then print them out.

It was a great day for our family, my daughter, and her friends. 

Have a wonderful day!



  1. What a fun party! I love the library cards you used for invitations. You always come up with the cutest ideas ... maybe you should start your own party-planning business! : )

  2. Thanks Lori! That's funny because when we were decorating for her party I told my daughter she could be a party planner when she grows up and I could be her assistant!

  3. So fun! Lots of cute ideas! I love that t-shirt you made for your daughter especially. If you had a minute to come by and share it with us at The Makers link party on my blog, that would be great! :)

  4. i love her shirt! ain't nothing wrong with reading! i have a close friend who jokes that my bachelorette party if i ever get married will just be a bunch of us reading. lol. looove the idea with the candy!

    1. Thanks so much! I agree, I'm a huge fan of reading! A book themed bachelorette party would be a fun idea!

  5. Fun theme and free printables!!! Pinning

  6. Hi Amy
    I wanted to let you know that your guest post will go live later today! AND,then I saw this nerd party and would LOVE for you to link this up either today or next Friday ( I forget when the party closes)! This is soooo cute. I love the "book worms." xo, laura (great post- thank you)!