Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rearranged girls bedroom

This summer has been full of makeovers and projects {I'm ready for a break}. While I was working on my oldest daughter's room {here} my youngest decided she wanted to change her furniture around as well.

Okay, move furniture around how much work can that be?

First, I decided that I needed to paint her trim and baseboards white {that was a must do}.
Second, we moved some furniture out of her room and some new pieces in.
Third, we rearranged the furniture which meant all of the artwork had to be removed.
That brings us to fifth all holes had to be filled, sanded and repainted.
Sixth, artwork had to be hung.
Seventh, she decided she wanted a desk in her room like her sister.
Eighth, had to shop around thrift stores to find the right desk.
Ninth, had to paint desk.

Should I keep going? It felt like I had opened a can of worms!

You can't imagine how relieved I am to finally be done with both my girl's rooms!

Here is what her room looked like before...

The brown trim really needed painting and we repurposed the black bookcases in her sister's closet as organizers.

Here is what her rearranged room looks like now...

The desk was a thrift store find that I painted. Had to have more zebra!

I made the pallet art and the doggie printable was found here.

My daughter insisted that her bed go in front of the window.

Her shelves hold her painted pottery and other favorite items!

These cubbies were previously in her sister's closet.

Look at all that pretty white trim!

The fan stayed the same with it's pretty beading.

I spent around $100 in her room which included the new desk, chair, picture frame, and one piece of new artwork.

I wasn't thrilled about putting her bed in front of the windows but it really opened up the room and more importantly my daughter loves it!

Tomorrow I will share how I painted her zebra desk so make sure to check back!

Now I'm going to relax!


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  1. What a fun room. I love kids rooms. They inspire me. I would love it if you would share this over at my link party that is going on now.

    1. Thanks Lauren, I would love to stop by!