Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pinterest challenge...birthday yummies

Yep, I am officially the mother of a teen daughter! Why do our children have to grow up so quickly? I miss the days when I had three little one's running around the house. Now I have two teenagers and a ten year old.
Saturday was my daughter's thirteenth birthday and we celebrated with family and friends at a local park. After the party we took some of the older kids paddle boating!
My husband, daughter and myself at the party!
For the party I decided to keep the food simple and just grab some pizza's! I also wanted to try making just a few new items so I picked some recipes off Pinterest that I've been wanting to try.
I have a link underneath each picture if you would like the recipe. These were not my original creations!
My daughter loves hummus so I knew I had to try these . They were so easy to make and super yummy!
Two words...SUPER SWEET!
I was a little disappointed how mine turned out, not nearly as bright and colorful as the original. However, my youngest daughter and niece had fun helping me mix all the batter colors and the birthday girl loved them!
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  1. I have a 19 & 16 year old. It is sad not to have little ones around, but it is a fun time because they talk more with you. Glad you had a great time this weekend!!

    1. Yes, it's for sure a different type of relationship as they get older. They don't need me to tie their shoes or walk them to the bus stop but they still need me to give them advice, direction and friendship. Love that! Thanks Crystal!