Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Last week my daughter's and I attended the Cincinnati homearama at Carriage Hill. My mom and I have been going for many many years and this was the second time for my girls {who loved it}.

I wish I had taken my camera, but I decided to just use my phone {I was being lazy}. The pics aren't that great. Some of the photos were actually taken by my daughter on her ipod.

My mom and my daughters .

My mom and I posing awkwardly. 

I can't remember which house was in what order, but there were six houses total this year.

My oldest daughter called this one the Harry Potter house because it looked like a mini Hogwart's plus it had a cool library {which we somehow forgot to photograph}.

Yes, there was actually a Muppet's room {weird}. 
Interesting fact about myself...when I was little I had a Muppet's bedroom! True fact...I was in love with PIGS IN SPACE even had the metal lunch box! 

I thought this would make a great future project. Magnetic board covered in fabric with cute diy magnets!

I am thinking this desk would be a fun project for my son's room {if I can get my husband on board}.

All of the basements were amazing but this one had a movie theatre basketball court combo!

White walls with black ceiling {I like it}.

Next year I vow to take my camera and take more photos!

Have a great day!


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  1. wow...the house is so cool....sory for my bad english..i'm from Malaysia... :)