Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mustache bash

Wow, now that spring is here the days seem to just be flying by. Along with warm weather spring also brings a full calendar of activities at our house. Just this morning I had to say goodbye to my eighth grader who is taking a school trip to Washington D.C. for four days. I also have to prep for the garage sale I'm having this weekend!

Anyway, last weekend my daughter celebrated her tenth birthday with a mustache themed sleepover. I got most of my ideas from Pinterest and am excited to share some pics of the bash with you today!

Every girl received a cool mustache and pin when she arrived.

I found these adorable pins here.

The drink station...we wrapped water bottles in mustache duct tape and had mustache straws {I found the mustache straws by accident at Walmart for just $1.00 per pack}.

To dress up the food station I used paper lanterns from last years mad hatter tea party.

We had a walking taco station so the girls could make their own dinner.

All of the signs I just whipped up on picmonkey, printed and put in a frame.

For dessert my daughter didn't want a cake just ice cream. I set up an ice cream bar with tons of yummy toppings. I wish I had some pics of it, but by the time I set it all up the girls had already plowed through and it was a hot mess!

We played the cheetos snack toss game which you can find here. Somehow the girls ended up covered in shaving cream {not part of the game} and our driveway was covered in cheetos {part of the game I didn't think of before hand}. They had a blast with this one!

I also made this game of NAME THAT STACHE. I used picmonkey and the facial hair overlays to put this together. If I figure out how to make this a printable I will share it with you!

I would say the mustache bash was a success and all the girls had a great time!

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  1. What a cute party! Looks like your daughter and her friends had a great time. I love the water bottles covered with mustache duct tape.


    1. Yes, the girls had a great time! I even managed to squeeze in a little sleep that night!

  2. Super cute party!! Love the cheetoh game!!

  3. Love these party ideas! I bet this will be a memorable birthday for your daughter...looks like fun! That cheetoh game looks awesome...I might have to try that sometime!

  4. Love the party ideas, quick question what is the answer key to the stache game I've been trying to figure it out?

    1. Thanks for your interest! I really should have included the answers in my post!


      1. NATURAL
      3. CHEVRON
      4. COWBOY
      5. HANDLEBAR
      6. HORSESHOE
      7. PENCIL
      8. FU MANCHU