Saturday, May 4, 2013

concert ticket shadow box

Last weekend I took a little {2.5 hour} road trip with my favorite ladies {my mom, sister in law, niece, and my two lovely daughters} to Lexington, Kentucky to see a young lady by the name of Taylor Swift {you may have heard of her} perform at her red tour.

I was just as excited to see her concert as my daughters! And she did not disappoint, her show was amazing! Really good!

Since it was my girls first ever concert I wanted to do something special with their concert tickets. This is what I came up with for my youngest daughter.

Our concert journey began with a homemade sign.

My mom made each of the girls a little travel box filled with snacks and drinks for the drive and hotel stay.

Of course the girls all wore their Taylor Swift shirts to the concert and were very excited to see the famous squirrel pajamas on display!

My niece {in the black} and my daughters {in the red} holding their tickets!

At the concert!

I used a small shadow box from Ikea {I think it was $9.99}. I used some leftover fabric to cover the mat {the black and white looks great in her room}. I added a concert pic and the ticket along with a little scrapbooking card. 

The perfect way to showcase her first concert experience!

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  1. So fun!! Love the signs and the snack boxes that the girls got. It looks like a great time!! Love the shawdow boxes!!