Friday, March 8, 2013

Kitchen update finished pantry

Our kitchen remodel is still moving along. Most of the big stuff is complete, we are just waiting on our new counter tops to arrive. Unfortunately I got the call today that they won't be delivered for three more weeks! 

So today I thought I would share how the pantry side of our kitchen is coming along and our new super duper pantry {can you tell I love it}!

When we started just a couple weeks ago our kitchen looked like this. 

The pantry was just too small and there wasn't enough storage for our family of five.

So we ripped out the entire pantry.

We also purchased new appliances and removed all the kitchen cabinets on the refrigerator wall.

My husband framed out our new much larger corner pantry.

He also installed drywall and hung new stock cabinets.

And if that wasn't enough work he installed our new pantry door and added crown molding to the cabinets.

Then I primed and painted the pantry wall.

I also primed and painted the inside of our pantry. I promise the color isn't as bright as it looks here. I used the same pretty yellow from our mudroom.

We then installed the track shelving.

This pantry is more than double the size of our old one. Being organized makes me happy!

I really really wanted to paint the pantry door an accent color, but the hubby said "no way". We agreed to paint the door black. 
Why yes, that is me in my lovely painting clothes!

And the biggest change of all...
painted cabinets
that took two long days to complete.
Just yesterday we added all our brushed nickel hardware to the cabinets.

So now we are just WAITING {trying to be patient} on our counter tops.

Still on my to do list 
-new light fixture over the sink
-new faucet for sink
-colorful accessories

I also have a future to do list  {after we take a breather and save some more money}
-new light fixture over table
-replace some of the door fronts with glass
-tile backsplash

Thanks for coming by today!


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  1. It looks so much more modern now. Great update.

  2. holy smokes! You and your husband make a great team. I never would have thought to rip out that pantry and reframe it. It looks great!

  3. That’s a very organized pantry! You’ve used nice colors that all harmonize perfectly. I’ll be glad to have a very big cabinet like yours, but I guess I won’t have a lot of stuff like you do. Just kidding. I’m happy that my wife manages to organize our things though she has minimal I space. :)

    [ Herb Koguchi ]

  4. That looks great! Your pantry is wonderful - that extra room will be so nice.

  5. Ahh I'd LOVE a pantry and yours is SO nice. I have one measly cupboard that I have to store all my non-perishables in.

  6. Your new pantry is awesome and I love the cabinets painted white. It looks like a totally different kitchen. Can't wait to see the countertops and finishing touches.


  7. Looks amazing! I love how you painted the door black instead of white! And your pantry is so spacious now!!! Love it! I'm now your newest follower :) Looking forward to what's ahead!
    Would love if you could visit my blog.
    Selene @

  8. Wow! It's looking great!! Your pantry is amazing! I would love to paint our cabinets but I definitely don't have the patience for that. Looking forward to seeing the end result. :)

  9. Looks great! Would you mind telling me the dimensions of your pantry? I'm working on adding one just like that to an empty corner in our kitchen.

  10. That pantry looks great Amy! I'd love to build something similar in my kitchen, would you be so kind to tell me the dimensions of your pantry? I really appreciate it. Thank you!

  11. We would love to do something similar in our home. What are the exterior dimensions of your pantry?

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  13. Love it!!! What color paint did you use on your wall?

  14. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE your corner pantry.. I'm currently renovating an old farm house and would love to find a way to fit one in, would you mind sharing your dimensions of your pantry pretty please? They keep telling me I don't have enough room but i'm determined to find a size to make this work. thanks so much & your kitchen reno looks amazing ((:

  15. Do you have the dimensions of your pantry? I'm wanting to use my kids big long closet to add more space for bunk beds and then build a smaller closet for their clothes to hang... boys don't have much to hang :)

  16. Great kitchen update! Thanks for sharing...

    Sydney Tiles

  17. Hi, what is the dimensions of your corner pantry please and thank you! ?