Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Office/craft room gallery wall

I'm still working on organizing my new craft space, and trying to figure out what the family should call this new room. Is it a scrabooking room, craft room or office? It serves so many functions it's hard to just choose one.

One part of the room is completed and that is the gallery wall over my desk. I used things that I already had to pull this wall together.

The bulletin board was previously in our kitchen I just used some leftover chevron fabric to give it a face lift. The office sign I made out of two leftover pieces of pallet wood. The CREATE definition I printed out and put in a cute frame that I had in another room. The monograms came with me from my basement scrapbook nook. I am still loving the frame my husband made me for my computer monitor it looks like part of the gallery wall.

Thanks for coming by today!



  1. It's looking good! I can't wait to see the whole room.

    I think you should call the room your "Craft Room". : )


  2. what a nice little area- I am working on reorganizing different areas of the house and looking at doing an area like this. thanks for the inspiration :) stopping by from 2 yellow birds and newly following!

  3. Love it!! I did something similar to it yesterday in my office. So cool!!