Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mudroom progress week 2

I'm back today to share how our mudroom addition is coming along. I'm happy to say that all of the construction is finished! So happy to be done with all the mess that comes along with construction...tools all over the kitchen, coats and shoes  temporarily scattered everywhere, not to mention all the drywall dust!

So here is what we {okay mostly my husband} has been up to this past week.

My husband mudded and sanded the drywall.

I primed and then painted the mudroom this pretty yellow.

My husband put in the flooring {with a little help from me}.

He then got started on building our bench/shoe cubby storage unit.

He has now completely finished the unit and I have given it a coat or two or three of paint. We also added baseboard throughout the room.

Tomorrow I get to do my favorite thing...GO SHOPPING! I need to find a few more accessories to go in the room. Next week I will be back with the big reveal!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mudroom colors

Our mudroom project has been keeping me busy this week. My husband has been mudding and sanding the drywall each evening after work and as a result our kitchen and family room have been covered in drywall dust.

While he was busy with that I was trying to decide what color to paint the room. I went to the home improvement store on Sunday and grabbed quite a few swatches that caught my eye.

The problem was once I got home and placed them all out to look at I felt a little lot overwhelmed by all the choices.

I decided to do a little inspiration shopping to help get a plan for the room. I fell in love with a rug from Target and also found some other cute items to match. When I got home I pulled out all those paint swatches and quickly decided on my colors. It was so easy once I had my inspiration pieces to help guide me.

My husband finished sanding last night and then we got busy priming the room. This morning I painted the mudroom and love the color! Plus I had to spend a couple hours cleaning up our construction mess.

We still have quite a few things to complete but we are working hard to move this project along as quickly as possible. 

Next week I will be back with more pictures and updates.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Mudroom progress week 1

It's been a week now since my husband and I began the large task of building a mudroom in our garage. I'm actually surprised at how quickly the room is coming together.

I took tons of pictures of the progress and can't wait to show you all what the mudroom looks like today!

This is the door from our garage. The door we use coming and going. It leads you directly into our kitchen/family room combo. It drives me CRAZY because there is nowhere to put coats, shoes, and backpacks. The plan is to build a small mudroom beyond this door in our garage to serve as storage for all that STUFF!

Okay I know this looks really really bad...but this is our garage. That is the door that leads into our house and where our new mudroom will go.

The first thing we did was begin building a platform for the mudroom.

What you don't see here is that we put a vapor barrier and insulation under the subfloor. 

Then we started framing out our walls.

 We had to carry that heavy wall through our messy garage.

Yes, that's me all bundled up looking chic as ever! It was freezing cold that day

We added heavy insulation to make sure the room will stay warm. This is the view from inside the house.

Saturday my husband had a friend come over and help hang drywall and move the interior door.

My husband added this arch to match the rest of the doorways in our house.

Our new entrance.

The view from inside garage.

Our new entry from garage to mudroom.

It's hard to believe we accomplished all that in one week!

This week we my husband will be focusing on mudding and sanding the interior drywall to make the walls look flawless. Fingers crossed that in another week I can primer and paint the walls.


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Friday, January 18, 2013

A peek inside my scrapbooks

You've seen WHERE I scrapbook!

You've seen WHAT I scrapbook with!

Today you will see WHO and WHY I scrapbook!

Today I am giving you a little peek into some of my scrapbooks...my life...

So here we go...

Family chipboard album

Storybook 8 X 8 birthday album

4 X 6 chipboard album

6 X 6 school album

8 X 8 family definitions album

paper bag album

Another paper bag album

12 X 12 pages

This page is special to me because it shares my thoughts on selling our first home.

So now you've seen WHO I scrapbook...my family.

WHY I scrapbook is easy...to remember. So we don't forget all the little details that we think we will remember but someday will fade away.

My kids love looking through old scrapbooks from when they were little and I hear them say things like "I forgot all about that doll" or "Oh yeah, I remember those pajamas". Just little things that don't seem that important in the present but in a few years become precious memories.

So go on get crafting!

Hope you all have a great weekend!