Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY bed skirt

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Last week I very proudly showed you my master bedroom makeover.

It's hard to tell in the photo, but our bed is on raisers (long story but my dear husband wanted to be able to store one of his workout machines under our bed). When it came time to shop for new bedding and a bed skirt I couldn't find anything long enough. Standard bed skirts (aka dust ruffle, weird name) were way to short. So with little to no money to spend I decided to whip something up myself.

I headed to our linen closet and pulled out two rarely used white twin size top sheets. Then I cut each in half lengthwise.

 I used pins to attach the sheet directly into our box spring. I used three halved sheets, one for each side of the mattress. The sheets were the perfect length and I could pin them to the correct height.
 I made sure to use the hemmed part of the sheet not the cut part as the bottom of the bed skirt. 

So far we've had our bed skirt on our bed for a month and it hasn't budged (even with kids hopping in and out of our bed).

I love FREE!

Have a happy Monday!



  1. That's awesome!! I need a bed skirt, but haven't found one that works. I'm definately going to do this. Thanks for the idea!!!

  2. I forgot to ask what size bed you have?

    1. Silly me I forgot to mention that we have a king size bed!