Friday, October 19, 2012

Coupon savings

Sorry no craft projects or bedroom makeover pics today folks. Nope, today I am excited to share some great shopping and couponing deals.

I'm not exactly new to the world of couponing, I've always used them here and there without much planning involved. This past month I decided to get more serious about coupons and more importantly about saving money!

The first thing I did was find a great online source to help me out. Savings lifestyle notifies me of deals in my area and freebies as well.

The second thing that I still need to do is put together a coupon binder. I'll share this with you when I complete it.

Yesterday I made two trips to Kroger {my main shopping source}. On the first trip I picked up these items.

Total cost after coupons was $20.98 plus I received two $5.00 off future purchase coupons.

After my daughter's dance class last night I couldn't resist stopping again {we drive right by the store}. On this trip I picked up ten boxes of Betty Crocker potatoes and six packs of gum. Total cost after coupons was $2.87 plus I also received two more $5.00 off coupons!

My kids think I have went off the deep end with all the potatoes we now have in our pantry!

If you have a Kroger in your area the prices are good until Sunday. Betty Crocker potatoes are on sale for $1.00 and  when you buy five you receive a $5.00 off future order coupon. It's like getting them for free!

Good luck with your shopping!

Let me know if you have any coupon secrets or tips for me!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Your coupon savings is amazing! You'll have those potatoes gone in now time!