Friday, August 24, 2012

Organized junk

I have a dirty little secret to share with you.

It's a bit embarrassing.

Few people outside our immediate family have laid eyes on it.

It's JUNK.

Our junk drawers {yes, we have more than one}.

They live in our kitchen island and hold many random  super important items.

Over the summer the junk seemed to multiple.

Yesterday, I decided to tackle the JUNK.

With some help from Ikea {plus a trash bag} I was able to organize our junk drawers.

Brace yourself for the BEFORE photos...

I began by emptying out the entire drawer.

I tossed items I no longer needed or used.

Some items belonged somewhere else {like the garage}.

I purchased these drawer organizers at Ikea for $2.99 each. Totally worth a few bucks.

Now our JUNK is nice and organized.

We have one drawer for school/homework supplies

The other drawer houses all our misc. stuff. I used an egg carton in one of the slots to hold small items.

So much better!

Now I can actually find what I am looking for.

Thanks for coming by today! Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Great idea! And your Before pictures of your junk drawers aren't nearly as horrible as ours would be if I took a picture right now :-)

  2. I have to admit, I too have a unmanageable junk drawer. I only have 1 but that's only because I don't have many drawers to use. I love how organized you were able to get your drawers. I almost feel like attempting to clean mine out but I know, after a week or two, mine would be a disaster again :)