Thursday, August 9, 2012

Have a seat

My dining room is currently a "work in progress". I've been working away at it during my free time and I'm happy to say that it is ALMOST complete!

The other day I was able to recover all six of my dining chairs.

Before they were covered in black faux leather. It might not have looked great, but was super practical. At our old house this was in our kitchen and with three kids having fabric on the chairs wasn't really an option.

Now that we've moved to our new home and this set is in our seldom used dining room I figured it was safe to recover them in fabric.

Here is what they looked like before...

Here is what they look like now...

I love how doing something so simple and inexpensive changes the entire feeling of the room.

Hopefully I will be sharing my dining room with you soon!
Thanks for hanging in there.

Have a day!


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  1. Looks fantastic! You're right - it's so cool how a little fabric change can make such a big difference. Great job!