Tuesday, August 21, 2012

goodbye summer

Sorry I wasn't around much last week, but I wanted to spend what was left of summer break with my children.

Today was our first day of school {boo hoo}. I am always emotional the first day, but then I remember how much I can accomplish with the kids gone all day. Plus, I can finally get my house clean and organized again!

I just wanted to share some photos I shot this weekend after my daughter's soccer game. Since my kids are getting older they are growing tired of my endless photo sessions and I am finding it harder to get good pics of them. I was so happy with these photos I decided to come home and edit them right away.

I used PICMONKEY to edit the photos and add some text!

Thanks for sticking it out with me over the summer.

I am looking forward to finishing up some projects around my house and even tackling some big one's this fall.

Have a great day!



  1. Great pictures of your beautiful children. I haven't learned to play around with apps like that for pictures. I think my computer can't handle them. Maybe I'll try this one. It would be so fun! Sounds like you are a great mom! I work full time but, I am off during the summer. I had the kids go to camp. Actually I only had Lucie signed up and then Lucas asked to go too! I am lucky because they totally love it...but I was home!! I never get to be home alone, so it was nice for me. I had an extra 8 hours to do everything. So, my house was finally clean this summer! Now we are heading out to our busy routines and my house will be a mess again! Enjoy your free time! You'll be well rested and ready for them when they get home from school! That's so nice!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! You have a lovely family, and I hear you on the need to get organized after a busy summer :)

    hugs, Tanya