Friday, July 6, 2012

Subway art

Thanks for sticking around all week to check out my son's room makeover and all the little diy projects I've completed along the way.

As the title suggests today I am sharing the subway art I made  for over the bed.

To be honest I didn't really want to do another project in my son's room {I just wanted to be finished and relax}. The only problem was the empty spot over the bed.  I searched high and low by foot and by internet to find the perfect piece to hang there, but always came up empty handed. I finally decided to just make something myself.

I've done tutorials for my wood signs before just go HERE.

This one I did exactly the same way {except WAY more words}.

Start with your piece of wood cut to size and then paint it the color you want the letters or words to be.

I used vinyl letters cut with my Cricut machine for my words. You could also use stickers from the craft store.
Once I decided on an arrangement I applied all the letters onto the wood making sure to press them down well. 
Then I painted over the entire surface with black paint.

I carefully peeled all the vinyl off the board to reveal the white letters underneath. 
There were spots where the black paint bled underneath the vinyl. I just used a small paint brush and more white paint to touch up some of the letters.

Hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!


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  1. Great job. It looks wonderful. And is a great touch in the room.