Monday, July 30, 2012

Chevron chair makeover

Hi everyone! I had a very nice and productive weekend these  last two days. I had some down time to relax and read. Some free time to spend online catching up on some favorite blogs and Pinterest. I was also able to get a few projects done!

I've been slowly working on my dining room. Last week I painted the walls and trim. 

Saturday I worked on two chairs that I'm going to use in my dining room for extra seating.

This is how my chairs turned out!

This is what they looked like before. 
They weren't bad...I actually repainted and recovered them a few years ago. In our previous home they lived in our living room. 

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the before chair was actually a creamy off white color. 

I removed the seat and then painted the chair white.  I used my electric staple gun to attach the new and much bolder chevron fabric.

I am in love with chevron and this was the perfect way to have some in the room without it being too "in your face"!

So happy with the direction my room is going!

More dining room reveals to come soon!

Have a super Monday!


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Friday, July 27, 2012

Dining room update

Remember last week when I shared all those beautiful dining rooms with you?

Well, I was finally inspired to start working on my own dining area.

The first thing I did was remove everything except the table and chairs from the room. Then I patched and sanded my swiss cheese walls. I was really on the fence about a new color but finally decided to keep it the same {I really love the color and just painted it a year ago}.

Only one tiny problem.

No more paint to touch up the walls with.

So I took the paint can lid to store and purchased more paint.

Here comes the problem...that paint didn't quite match the existing paint. It was just a tad off.

So I had to paint the entire room with the new {same} color. {confused yet?}

My family thought I had gone MAD. But really the paint didn't match. I know you all would have done the exact same thing! Right?

So my dining room is now freshly painted in the same color!

Once I got the walls painted I turned my attention to the brown trim around the room.

If you've been with me for awhile you will remember that I've been battling the brown trim in our home. I've managed to get most of our downstairs trim painted white over the past six months.

I began by giving the trim a light sanding and dusting.

I used painters tape to tape off the walls. To protect the carpet {yes, I know... yuck, carpet in the dining room} I used pieces of cardboard. I simply shoved pushed the cardboard underneath the baseboards.

I used a paint and primer in one. Still took about four coats to do the trick.

And presto! Nice beautiful white trim!

The room already looks so much brighter!

I'm not going to lie, painting baseboards and trim sucks is NOT fun. It does take some time and patience, but it is soooo worth the effort.

Now if only I could  get some volunteers to do the rest of my house!

Have a FUN weekend everyone!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bringing the outdoors in

I know what you are thinking!

"Where the heck have you been?"

What can I say? I don't really have an excuse except that it's Summer time!

We are being lazy here. Enjoying our time together because I know the rest of summer break will fly by and my kids will go back to school again. I love having them home with me all day {even though our house always seems to be a mess}. So I haven't done as many projects or as much blogging. Yep, I'm being lazy and loving it!

I did manage to squeeze in one cute little project!

I love these adorable chicks n hens that I have in our backyard and wanted to bring a few indoors.

I started off with this plain little bucket I picked up at Target for $1.00. No, I can't get enough of that store!

I used a nail and hammer to make some small drainage holes in the bottom.

I cut out a square of burlap fabric and used some paint and a foam stamp to stamp on my number.
I used my hot glue gun to attach it to the bucket.

I added some gravel to the bottom.

Then I added my succulents from my garden.

I love how they look indoors. Such a quick project as well!

Have a wonderful day!


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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Foil monogram Pinterest project

Yesterday I finally decided to try one of the MANY MANY ideas I have pinned on Pinterest.

I am constantly pinning new ideas that I want to try but seldom get around to actually doing them.

Here is my completed project...

This is the original that I found on Pinterest.

I started off with this cardboard letter that I found at Target in there HOT SPOT for only $1.00.

I used a pencil to doodle my design.

I went over the pencil lines with some dimensional fabric paint I had on hand. You could also use puffy paint. You just want to use something that has some dimension to it.

I waited a few hours for the paint to dry completely and then cut some strips of foil to use along the edges. I used just regular white craft glue to attach the foil.

I traced the letter on foil and then cut it out.

I covered the foil completely in glue and then placed on the letter. This part did take a little time. The foil tears easily and I had to do a little patch work in the center of the A.

After the glue dried I went over the letter with black shoe polish.

My inspiration monogram from Pinterest was sealed with Mod Podge. I didn't seal mine because I was happy with the look and didn't want to chance messing it up somehow!

I love the look of the finished product and it only cost me $1.00 to make!

Can't wait to try another Pinterest project!


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Monday, July 16, 2012

Dining room inspiration

Hello Monday!
I am happy to say that I think I have a plan of action for my dining room.
Well atleast I know the direction I want to take!

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite dining rooms with you today. These are dining rooms that I have been drooling over for awhile now. I'm sure you will enjoy them as well.

My dining room will probably be in limbo for awhile, and I'm okay with that. I want to make sure I really know what I want before I just dive in and start changing things up.

Have a happy Monday!


Friday, July 13, 2012

chain reaction

Earlier this week I told you about my little game of musical furniture. Hey, I've read all your lovely comments and I know I am not alone in my addiction to moving things around!

So now my living room has become a dumping ground for unwanted or lost items. Of course that caused me to try to rearrange my living room which lead me to two days of painting the living room trim white.This in turn lead me into my dining room. My dining room has never been what I consider a finished room. We just moved in and slapped some items on the walls, I never really LOVED it.
So the other day I took everything down off the walls and this morning I patched all the holes. I am now trying to decide if I want to repaint the entire room or just touch up and leave it the same color.

Who knew adding one piece of furniture to my family room would have such a chain reaction!

Hopefully over the weekend I can form some kind of game plan.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Musical furniture

Do you ever feel inspired to just start moving your furniture around? "This might look good in that room" you think to yourself.

Happens to me way too much and it drives my husband CRAZY! So recently when he was on a work trip I decided to do a little rearranging.

We have a dresser that has been with us for awhile. In our last house it was used in my daughter's nursery, then in my craft space, and lastly as a television console in our basement. 
When we moved to our new home I didn't really know what to do with it so I just had it put in our master bedroom. It has sat in our bedroom {empty} for the past year.

Then it hit me one day. Paint that old thing and put it in the family room. It would be perfect for storing all the kids library materials and our collection of magazines.

So my very strong eleven year old daughter and I hauled that thing downstairs. I set up shop in our kitchen {it was way too hot outside} and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. 




Before painting I gave everything a light sanding. Then I painted the piece and then sanded it again around the edges so some of the black underneath would show through.

I had to have this picture frame when I saw it at Hobby Lobby. $19.99 plus frames were 50% off. Still have to get a photograph in there.

 I am really happy with how my family room is coming together, slowly but surely. The only problem now is the furniture that was here before needs a new home. Everything has temporarily been moved to the living room which currently looks like a garage sale gone badly.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings about my musical furniture addiction. This blog is better than therapy!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Subway art

Thanks for sticking around all week to check out my son's room makeover and all the little diy projects I've completed along the way.

As the title suggests today I am sharing the subway art I made  for over the bed.

To be honest I didn't really want to do another project in my son's room {I just wanted to be finished and relax}. The only problem was the empty spot over the bed.  I searched high and low by foot and by internet to find the perfect piece to hang there, but always came up empty handed. I finally decided to just make something myself.

I've done tutorials for my wood signs before just go HERE.

This one I did exactly the same way {except WAY more words}.

Start with your piece of wood cut to size and then paint it the color you want the letters or words to be.

I used vinyl letters cut with my Cricut machine for my words. You could also use stickers from the craft store.
Once I decided on an arrangement I applied all the letters onto the wood making sure to press them down well. 
Then I painted over the entire surface with black paint.

I carefully peeled all the vinyl off the board to reveal the white letters underneath. 
There were spots where the black paint bled underneath the vinyl. I just used a small paint brush and more white paint to touch up some of the letters.

Hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ceiling fan makeover

Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July! We spent the holiday camping out and swimming! The weather was crazy HOT with high temperature of 103 degrees. It's nice to be back in the air conditioning again!

If you've been following along with me this week I've been sharing my son's bedroom makeover and some of the projects I completed in his room.

Tuesday I shared how I made his headboard. Today I am showing off his ceiling fan!

Let me just start by stating that I'm not a huge FAN {ha ha} of  ceiling fans. When we moved here all of the bedrooms already had fans in them. I thought about removing them for about ten seconds, but then my husband and kids reminded me how hot the upstairs bedrooms were at our old house with NO ceiling fans in them. So the fans stayed and I've wondered ever since what I could do with them.

Then I stumbled upon this fan on Pinterest. It belongs to Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles. She used spray paint and fabric on hers to give it a one of a kind look!

I was so inspired that I ran out to the garage and grabbed my black paint and some painters tape.

My husband was at work and I didn't know how to remove the fan blades or have the patience to try to figure it out so I just grabbed a stool to stand on. I used painters tape and just taped off my sections for stripes. I didn't measure I just eye balled it! Then I painted on my black stripes with a paintbrush and removed the painters tape.

It took about an hour to complete and didn't cost a thing to update his boring fan! The only problem is now my youngest wants me to paint her fan as well!

Have a great Thursday and stay COOL!