Monday, June 25, 2012

Homearama Cincinnati

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Cincinnati Homearama with my mom and three children. They had six houses this year and since it was the last day it wasn't as crowded as it's been in the past. 

I took A LOT of photos! I am kicking myself for not taking a real camera and only using my cell phone though. Plus I was trying to take pictures without people walking through them and my kids thought it was hilarious to jump in my way just as I was about to take a photo!

WARNING photo overload ahead!

This house was my favorite...

Dining room


Two story family room. I love the fireplace!

breakfast room

Love everything here especially the bench with burlap ruffled cover.

Lower level

wine cellar with pallet wine storage.

boy's room

Kids bathroom with functional shutters over the mirrors.

My daughter and I both fell in love with this little girls room! The headboard is adorable and totally something you could diy. Also crushing on the burlap dust ruffle and the ruffled lampshade.

The master bedroom was beautiful with it's own little sitting area.

Master bathroom

Mudroom/laundry room with dog spa! Everyone should have there own dog spa right?

I know that was a lot of pictures, but now I wished I had taken more.

So many beautiful rooms and great inspiration.

It makes me want to come home and redecorate my entire house!



  1. Wow...the last you, your favorite house, had so many great details. I loved the ruler soap crate holder...the wine cellar made of pallets...the use of chalkboard throughout the house and the numbers everywhere. Thanks for letting us get a glimpse of your tour as well.

  2. I wish there was a homorama here. Thanks for taking all those shots. You couldn't have taken too many as far as I'm concerned. I loved all the great ideas. Didn't you just love the walls with the massive designs and lettering, etc.? I have wanted to do a huge photo but maybe something else would be in order now that I've seen some of these ideas.