Friday, May 25, 2012

Teacher gifts...chalkboard flower pots

Yippee! It's Friday and the last day of school for us!
Hello Summer oh how I've missed you!

This past week I've been racking my brain and Pinterest to find the perfect end of the year teacher's gifts for my girls {my son is in seventh grade and so not into giving his teachers hand made gifts}.

I finally decided to go with these adorable flower pots I found first on Pinterest and then tracked down to this talented lady, Mariah from giggles galore! This is her version...

This is what ours ended up looking like...

I started off by spray painting the bottoms of the pots with chalkboard paint.

My daughter's were each in charge of painting the yellow band around the top their pot.

I used a tape measure to mark the inches along the edge of the pots. My youngest daughter wanted me to write all her numbers for her, but my oldest daughter did hers all on her own. We used a fine tip Sharpie marker.

Last night we finished them up with some pretty flowers and my daughters each wrote their teachers name on the pot with chalk.

Of course I had to take pictures this morning before they left for school! I promise I do have a son you just don't see him much {he's almost thirteen and hates getting his picture taken}.

I love the chalkboard on the pots, I may have to make some for myself!

So many cool ideas for teacher's gifts out there in blog land! If you are in need of ideas I suggest heading over to Pinterest.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Brilliant. Beautiful. That measures up to be one cool teacher gift :)

  2. Those are ADORABLE!!! What a great teachers gift. Thanks so much for entering this into the Project Pinterest Challenge! Best of luck to you!

  3. What a cute teacher's thank you gift! Yours turned out wonderfully!


  4. These are so cute! I love the ruler at the top! I'd love for to link up to my new link party: