Thursday, April 26, 2012

Theatre sign tutorial

Today I am going to be sharing with you how I made my THEATRE sign for our basement! If you missed the work I've been doing in our basement you can check it out herehere and here.

It all started when I found this one from Ballard designs on Pinterest {I looked today and it is no longer available}.

I knew this sign was the perfect fit for the basement vision I had in mind. Unfortunately even though I HEART Ballard designs very much my wallet doesn't feel the same way. I knew I could create something myself using this as my inspiration piece.

Here is what I came up with...

I've shared in the past how I made my wood signs. If you missed that tutorial you can check it out here.

I apologize to begin with because I am not the greatest at explaining things.

I started my project with just a scrap piece of wood we had on hand. 
First I painted the entire piece black {I wanted a black border and black letters}. 
Then I used painters tape and taped off the border around the edges so no other paint got on it.
I cut out my vinyl letters with my Cricut machine and placed them out on the board. 
I measured and marked where the lines would go between the red and white and used painters tape to mark the lines.
I adhered the vinyl letters in the red boxes first
Then I painted on the red paint {it took about three coats}
Once the red paint dried I removed the painters tape {not the tape around the edges} and the vinyl letters
Then I did the same thing with the white 

I know it sounds confusing. I promise it was really easy. Here are some pics I took as I was working.

I think I'm a little addicted to making my own signs, but my theory is it's better to make something yourself then go out and buy it.

Hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend! My plans include garage sales, party planning & shopping, Church, and a soccer game!



  1. Super cute! I forwarded your post to Mr. B as we have a home theatre he built down in the basement and this would be soooo cute! I'd love it if you came by and linked this up at my new link party, You're Gonna Love It Tuesday at!

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  3. I agree with this statement, “It’s better to make something yourself then go out and buy it.” This is true if you want to make a decoration or a signage, just like what you did. You can practice your creativity, and it’ll make you productive in a way. This, however, makes me wonder if your home theater is under your basement area. Hehe.

    Jessie Philippi

  4. It really all starts with an inspiration! :) It’s a good thing you have the habit of looking for different ideas. It widens one’s creativity and interest in making new artworks. Also, I think you can add some stuff to make the whole sign glow in the dark. Anyway, good job!

    Louisa Hemstreet