Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Fever

Monday again and I am on day 5 of sick kid duty! It started with my son last week and over the weekend my daughter came down with the same thing. High fever and throwing up {fun}. We were so looking forward to this weekend because Camryn had two soccer games. Unfortunately she got sick before she could play in either of them. Just keeping my fingers crossed my youngest doesn't get the same thing.

Although I had to spend most of my weekend nursing sick kids I was able to get a little yard work done and enjoy the warm weather yesterday. I even managed to snap a few photos of some spring blooms. I love watching the flowers come to life every year.

I also had time to play around on Picmonkey. With Picnik closing soon I've been putting off looking into other options for photo editing. I heard about Picmonkey on Pinterest and finally headed over to check it out. I really enjoyed it because it is very similar to Picnik and easy to use which is a MUST for me. I edited all of my photos below on the Picmonkey site.

Need to open all the windows today and air out the house. Goodbye germs...
Hope you have a wonderful and healthy Monday.

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