Friday, April 6, 2012

kitchen and dining room tour

Happy Friday! I am feeling a little better today just sorry I don't have any projects or makeovers to share with you.

But wait...I realized the other day that I have never given you a full tour of our kitchen or dining room. Even though these two rooms are far from being completed I thought I would share them with you anyway.

Here are some BEFORE photos that I took of our house when we toured it {it's already been almost a year now}.

Here is what our home looks like today.

We still have a lot of changes to make in both rooms, but they are functional for now.

Someday we plan on painting out the oak cabinets in the kitchen and replacing the counter tops. We also would love to replace all the appliances, but you know how that is ...cha ching.

In the dining room I want to add a board and batten treatment. I also need to recover the chairs and lampshades.

So I just keep adding stuff to my HUGE to do list which just thrills my husband! We know that this is our forever house so we have a lot of time to make it US.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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  1. Wow, your home looks awesome! Very relaxing, those colors! I think it's great to have a to-do list. Imagine you are ready / finished with everything! Hehe, we would be so bored ;)

  2. Thanks for the full tour!! Wow - what a to do list - it would send my hubby screaming from the room!

    Can't wait to see all the fab things you have planned.

  3. the kitchen is so clean and there is *nothing* on the table. Did you stage this? I'm impressed. I love the wide stripes in the hallway.


  4. What? I did not have my daughter running around clearing stuff off the counters and tables as I took pictures...ha ha!

  5. Hey Amy, I wanted to stop in and let you know that I awarded you The Liebster Blog Award! Come on over and check out the details at Have a great week :)

  6. Wow, changing out those paint colors made a huge difference! It looks great - I'm still planning to copy those stripes in my hallway (I've even bought the paint, but I'm just procrastinating). Thanks for linking up!

  7. Thanks for sharing your home on Sunday Blog Love, your home is so clean and the strips, love the book bags hanging by the back down, love the 1,2,3 plates and OPEN DAILY sign in your kitchen! I hope you'll be back again this weekend to share more! Take care!I must let you know that this is one of my top five picks from last week and is going to be featured!