Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year, new ideas!

  Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I have been spending lot's of quality time with the family. My husband took time off work while the kids were off school so we could all spend time together. The last two weeks have been so much fun, but they flew by much to quickly. My husband returned to work today and my three not so little babies are back to school tomorrow. Today we are just hanging out at home and catching up on some large piles of laundry!
  This year I have tons of decorating and DIY projects I want to tackle. I know realistically and financially some of the bigger projects like new flooring in our main level will probably have to wait.  However that hasn't stopped me from compiling a small okay not so small mental list. Right now some of those ideas include;
  1. put finishing touches on family room (remember that list)
  2. fence in our back yard
  3. build a small mudroom in our garage
  4. spruce up the couch in our living room
  5. new window treatments for living and dining rooms
  6. recover dining room chairs
  7. paint and decorate basement family space including the half bath
  8. paint vanity in the kids bathroom
  9. organize my daughter Camryn's large closet
  10. paint and decorate master bedroom and bath
  That doesn't seem too bad does it? It's only ten items! Just don't show my husband he only knows about 3.5 of these! I'll probably be starting off with the basement. I'd like to get that completed before my husband has his superbowl party! So I'm off to check on the laundry. I'll be back tomorrow!

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