Thursday, January 19, 2012

dot to dot

Today I am sharing how I painted the polka dots in my children's bathroom.

I used a piece of heavy scrapbook paper to make my stencil or you could also use construction paper. I then used my scrapbooking circle cutter to cut out the size of polka dot I wanted. If you don't have one of these you could trace a small bowl or other object onto your paper and then carefully cut it out with scissors.

 I used clear packaging tape on the sides of my stencil to hold it to the wall.

I used a small foam brush to paint around the edges of the stencil. The trick is to go easy on the paint (too much paint and it will leak under the stencil). When going around the outside of the circle I just dabbed the foam brush up and down (no brushing back and forth). Then I used a small paintbrush to fill in the inside of the polka dot (this I did brush). Then I gently peeled off the tape and moved on to the next one!

Very simple to do and FREE (one of my favorite words)!

I almost forgot, when making your stencils make more than one. In this small area I used two paper stencils just because when one gets too much paint on it it doesn't work as well. If you were going to do a large wall or even a whole room you should probably make several stencils.

Did I mention how much I love paint! It is such an inexpensive way to change a room.

You probably noticed I also painted the bathroom vanity. I was able to complete this in just one afternoon.

Painting oak cabinets is such an easy fix and makes a huge difference.
  • remove all doors, drawers, and hinges
  • give everything a light sanding with sandpaper
  • I used one coat of primer (let dry completely)
  • one coat of paint (let dry completely)
  • another coat of paint
  • put hinges and doors back on

wall paint color Valspar khaki flat
vanity and polka dots paint color Behr rocky mountain sky semi-gloss

As always I do appreciate you stopping by!!!



  1. I love the polka dots AND the color of your vanity is awesome!

    1. Thank you so much! My husband came home from work and thought I was crazy for painting the vanity blue!!!

  2. The color for your vanity is so lovely!! Feathered Nest Friday is going on right now if you would like to come share!

    1. Thank you so much for coming by. I am excited to join your party!

  3. Paint those cabinets, Amy! I think it looks so much better. Polka dots make everything happy. :)