Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Behind the scenes

Yesterday I revealed the foyer makeover  I did for the Imagine the Impossibilities challenge. Today I'm going to go behind the scenes of my makeover!

If you remember my foyer before was very plain and boring. The first thing I did was paint all the brown trim and railings in a soft white paint. I gave all the woodwork a light sanding with some sandpaper (I didn't go crazy, just spent a few minutes on each piece).  To ensure I got a nice clean line and no paint on the walls I taped off all the walls and hardwood flooring. On the carpeted area I used pieces of cardboard and slipped them underneath the trim. To save time I skipped using primer and instead used a paint and primer in one! I let each coat dry completely before doing another coat. Three coats later I had beautiful white trim!

Painting the stripes on the wall was actually a lot easier then I thought it would be. I started off by measuring my wall from ceiling to top of the baseboard. Mine was 93 inches, I then divided this by 9 ( I already knew I wanted 9 stripes) which came to roughly 10.25 inches. Starting at the ceiling I measured down 10.25 inches, marked it, and then worked my way down the wall. With the help of my husband I used a chalk line to mark my lines.

Then it was time to tape off the stripes. Remember to always put the tape on the outside line on the stripes you will be painting. This sounds confusing but if you try it you will see what I mean! I recommend using the green Frog tape for taping your lines it worked really well with virtually no paint bleeding through! I didn't wait for the paint to dry completely before I started pulling off the tape. Pulling off the tape to reveal crisp lines was so exciting!

Super HAPPY with the makeover and still in disbelief that I actually finished everything I set out to do!

I've already joined the Imagine the Impossibilties link party at it all started with paint!

Have a great day!


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