Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY glue gun window valance

I am back today to show you what I did with my beautiful fabric! I had several ideas, but decided to address that empty sad looking window over our kitchen sink.

Sorry the picture is so dark, the sun was so bright in the window I just couldn't get a good pic. I might try to take another one when it gets darker.
This window treatment was so easy and fast to make (remember I don't sew). First I simply measured how wide and what depth I wanted it to be. I doubled the depth because I simply folded the fabric over a tension rod so the light wouldn't shine through the fabric. I then just folded the edges over and ironed them for a crisp line.

For the last step you could use no sew hem tape that you iron on, but I didn't have any so I decided to use one of my favorite tools the HOT GLUE GUN! I just put a thin line of glue all along my folded edges. So easy and it only took me about 45 minutes to complete!

I then just hung the fabric over a tension rod I placed between my kitchen cabinets. Please don't mind those ugly oak cabinets they are on my future to do list!
I'm hoping to go back to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and purchase some more of this fabric. I have a couple chairs that could stand to be recovered in it!

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  1. Wow! Yay! I was about to pull out my hot glue gun and fabric to do the same thing, and thought maybe I should search for some hints first. Thanks for the doubling-the-fabric-for-extra-light-filtering tip! Yay for glue guns :)