Monday, November 14, 2011

Painted stripe curtains

  My next project for the room was to find the perfect curtains. I did a lot of shopping via foot and Internet and couldn't find anything I loved that was in my teeny tiny budget! While roaming online I found a tutorial to make black and white striped curtains at . THANK YOU THANK YOU this was just what I had been looking for! Unfortunately for me I can't sew, at all (no kidding)! So I decided to do what I'm good at, PAINT! I bought cheapy white cottton curtains at Target (my favorite store) for less than $20.00 for the pair. I then had to decide how many stripes I wanted and what size. I decided I wanted wide stripes 12 inches each. Please note this project was relatively easy but a little time consuming. I laid the panels on the floor and used a measuring tape to measure my 12 inches and marked along with a pencil. Once I had all the stripes marked I used frog tape along my marks to make a straight line. I made sure to press the tape firmly along the edges to avoid bleeding. I did this project on my kitchen floor because of the paint. I would suggest using a painters dropcloth or plastic under the curtains when painting ( I may have had some black stripes on my kitchen floor when I finished)! I used a simple inexpensive mini paint roller and just painted away. I made sure to remove the tape after completing each stripe so the paint wouldn't dry and peel off. I let them dry for an entire day before hanging them up. Once hung I did have to go back with a small paintbrush and go over some spots that I missed or didn't absorb enough paint. I'm so glad I didn't chicken out and went ahead with this project! I am loving how our family room is coming together!

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