Monday, November 7, 2011

Family room redo

  This week I am sharing the family room in our new home. When we purchased the house the family room was gold and burgundy with no personality at all. My goal is to make the room more FUN, more us!
I had a long to do list for this room...
  1. hang flat screen TV over fireplace
  2. paint fireplace mantel
  3. paint room
  4. hang curtains
  5. new furniture (eventually)
  6. get rug
  7. hang family photos
  8. new flooring (eventually)
  9. paint brown trim white
  10. what to do with those awkward shaped windows

We started with hanging the television over the fireplace. My husband built a frame to fit around it and we painted it black. He then used a mirror window tint from the local building supply store and applied it to a piece of glass he had cut to match the size of the frame. When the TV is not in use it looks like a mirror hanging over the fireplace, but when you turn it on it becomes a television screen.  He cut out the drywall beneath the TV and placed our cable box inside, so you see no wires or cords!

Check back later this week for more family room updates and photos!

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