Friday, July 25, 2014

Homearama Cincinnati at Carriage Hill

I am a huge fan of Homearama, my mom and I have been going for years and years. My girls who are 11 and 13 have been going with us now for three years and they love it as well.

I wish I had more pictures to share or detailed pics of every single house, but I don't. I snapped a few pics of some of my favorites to share with you.

Favorite exterior was house #9 the bordeaux.

Favorite outdoor features

Some of my favorite rooms

The Frozen room

My favorite kids room was this outdoor themed room

Loved that one of the homes featured a craft/art room

The ceiling and light fixtures were beautiful.

Black built ins around television was very ME.

My mom and I loved the cute pillow on the bed...sea shells by the sea shore.

I love this light fixture.

More very cool ceilings.

Every year I always wish I had taken more photos, but it's difficult to take pictures while trying to look around and keep moving because there is always someone waiting behind you. Wish I could get a private tour...that would rock!

Have a great weekend!


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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fencing in our backyard part 2

I am thrilled to share our newly fenced in backyard with you! It was a lot of work {really A LOT}, but so worth it! 

You can see in some of the pics our dog is already enjoying his new space!

In case you missed part one you can find it here along with the before photos! Our work crew consisted of my husband, our fifteen year old son, our thirteen year old daughter, and myself. Our youngest did help with some of the clean up. 

Fencing in our backyard was just the beginning we still have big plans for the yard. I need to stain the fence, paint our large shed and do lots of landscaping {especially around the pool where we removed the white fence}. My husband wants to build a fire pit area with built in benches and a covered area for lounging. 

For now I'm content with just having the fence done and next year we can start stage 2.

Thanks so much for stopping by!